The Story of Take Zer0

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Welcome to the new Take Zer0 2.0! We hope you like it, because we certainly do; and we're even more eager to refill it each week with new content! As it stands, we're still in the process of tidying up around here.

Now are you all ready to learn the origins of Take Zer0? Ready to sit through seven-and-a-half minutes of mock French New Wave pretentiousness? Well then, click the Play button and try to enjoy it! Nah. We're just kidding; we love the French. In fact, this video is directly inspired by Matthew Lessner's clever short film 'By Modern Measure,' which we think is sorely underrated. Now, as a disclaimer, our video uses narration from a totally unrelated open source audiobook. So the subtitled "translations" will make absolutely no sense to anyone who understands French. Now for those who can speak French, we're obviously in need of voice-over talent...

And as a heads-up, we'll be posting video reviews of Adobe Master Suite later in the week!

24 Comments on “The Story of Take Zer0”

  • Greg says:

    very nice. A little trouble with the download at first. The file was showing as ‘Missing’.

  • esotericsean says:

    Thanks! We were still in the process of launching the new site ;)

  • CrazySphinx says:

    Taking a long time to buffer, so I’m downloading instead. Can’t wait! I’m so proud of you guys :D

  • CrazySphinx says:

    Peter’s lonely tree is just like my lonely plant! Coincidence? heheh
    I love it! I love it! and I love it! :D :D :D

  • Sami says:

    That was well done, one of the best I’ve seen from you guys.

  • esotericsean says:

    Oh yeah! Peter wrote this, I wonder if he watched your short! :D

  • Peter says:

    Hmmm, I *did* watch Lonely Plant on Vimeo prior to making this video. I could have been inspired subconsciously.

  • NG says:

    Great job guys! This story was almost silly and wacky making me wonder if Sean and Peter actually met that way or if it was just a dramatization. The rolling around in the grass was just over the top! Great and over the top! I couldn’t stare away due to the subtitles and was glued to the video! :) Oh, and congrats on Take Zer0 2.0! I can’t wait to learn more from you guys.

  • esotericsean says:

    Thanks, man. Good to hear from ya! We got big plans :)

  • scott says:

    loved the gay subtext.
    nice flick boys.

  • esotericsean says:

    Haha, gay subtext? :P

  • Izzy Video says:

    Excellent work, gentlemen!
    Funny short, and the new site is very well done.
    I’ll start sending people over immediately. :-)

  • “Nouvelle Vague” indeed…
    The desaturated color, the lack of connection between the French narration and the subtitles, and the murky mise-en-scene remind me of most of the French films I saw back in film school, lo, these many millennia ago…

  • Loved the intro film guys!
    I love the new site and hope its a HUGE success.
    Can I get a “harrumpf” for Computer Science degrees?

  • Jimmy! says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, nice!

  • Irene Tamayo says:

    After viewing all of your videos in less than 24 hours, i feel confortable making some suggestions for prospective episodes. Stuff that really bothers me when trying to find some information on the internet and never find a clear explanation. It would be very helpful:
    - What’s RAW format and how do you use it?
    - A synthetical review of types of video camaras, say… pocket camaras, HD, Pro, RED… what they offer or what they lack, price range, and a selection of the best of each kind.
    If you have other plans in mind it’s no big deal, but if you ever wonder what to do next i would really apreciate it.
    Thanks a lot for all the time and work that you’ve put in this.
    I’ll keep coming!

  • JayTayThe1 says:

    Godard, pretentious, NEVER!

  • Cameron says:

    What kind of camera did you use to film the faux French New Wave short?

  • Peter says:

    We used the Sony PMW-EX1 for this skit. The footage was post-processed entirely in Sony Vegas 8.0c (film effects, black and white, saturation, contrast, etc…).

  • Hey seen your guys craigslist add.. deffinetly interested in being a part of the crew. Im a part time casting recruiter that is trying anyway he can to make it to the big screen… I did my first television show for “BULLSHIT” on Showtime last Summer. Anyways hit me up with some more info… thanks.

  • brian park says:

    its interesting!! it keeps buffering on and on but aside from that good job =)

  • Dave says:

    I love the edge lighting in some of these scenes! Intentional? Also, the french commentary was stellar, friend of yours? You guys are a big big help!!

  • louis.s says: