Our Monday Morning Post #6

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Happy Monday morning once again. How are you all enjoying it?

Several entries back I wrote about our abandoned Halloween skit. Last week I decided to revisit and edit the footage into a cohesive narrative. Turned out better than I thought. The first scene was shot with a bit more care than the 'whatever works' attitude we used in The Midnight Stroll, and hinges entirely on Anna's theater-honed performance. Fact: the girl ain't bad, people.


The script is still a broken, convoluted heap; but it'd be a real waste to throw away a perfectly good opening scene. If Sean and Anna are up for it, I might just salvage this footage and write another script tailored on this scene.

10 Comments on “Our Monday Morning Post #6”

  • Óskar Örn Arnarson says:

    Good video, nice job guys!

    I thought I’d share my experience when it comes to writing. For those wanting to write but are stuck, you sometimes just need to empty your heads on a piece of paper. For me, the first step is to simply take post-it notes and write whatever comes to mind (feelings, images, words, poetry even). That way you know where your head is at. It’s like emptying box full of ideas. I’m not talking about doing a couple of post-it notes. Do 50 of them, hang them up on your wall. Look at them and you will find context. From there you can start writing something. And there is no such thing as writer’s block really. Sometimes you just have to dig deeper. Post-it notes help A LOT (for me at least ;) ).

    • Sean says:

      Not a bad idea! I love post-it notes and keep a lot around my desk all the time, but I admit never tried using them for coming up with ideas :)

  • Greg says:

    Three words, one acronym:

    Picture of Sean, WTF?!

  • Nat says:

    Hi, Peter. I enjoyed your recent vlog including a mention of “Heat”. It is one of my all time favourite films. I was wondering what software or technique you use to capture dvd video from films and input the clips into your vlog? Thanks for a great website! Nat.

  • Uncle Al says:

    The scene, in and of itself, didn’t turn out badly at all.
    It still leaves a great many openings as to where it can go.
    Finding the one that satisfies you, the writer/director, is going to be the task…

  • doug shear says:

    Any idea why none of your videos will download, or play on my PC? This is the only site I have a problem with.


    doug shear
    writer, playwright, stand-up comedian

    • Sean says:

      Hmm, sorry about that, Doug. What are you using to play them? I suggest trying the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack that includes Media Player Classic. We render our videos as H.264 which needs to be decoded. Normal Windows Media Player can’t play them by default.