Who We Are

BFFs Hi, welcome to Take Zer0! We are Sean Michael Duran and Peter Bryan Men. We met in 7th grade and knew we shared a passion to make movies. But Hollywood is a tough business, and the internet didn’t fully have the info for people who wanted to start out. So we started our own film group in the garage, tried to learn the process on our own, and thought to welcome others as we grew.


How We Got Started

After high school we wanted to make movies, and what better than to make them together? We studied, shot skits, went to college, and finally decided the best way to learn was to share our experience with others. On May 4th, 2007, Take Zero was born. At first we were a little camera shy and hardly knew what we were doing. But over time we developed our own style, a way of presenting information that everyone could enjoy.


Equipment We Use


When we started TZ back in 2007, we were shooting with a Panasonic DVX-100a. About a year later we upgraded to a Sony PMW-EX1. A year after that we decided to switch to D-SLR filmmaking and purchased a Canon 5D Mark II. Continuing with the trend, we traded our Mark II for a Canon 7D. Next up, RED Scarlet S35.


Back before we knew any better, we bought an awful, unusable ATR-55. Not long after, we bought an AKG Perception 100. Now we use a Sennheiser MKH-60, which we plug into a Zoom H4n.


Peter’s a PC, Sean’s a Mac (though he uses a PC). We love Sony Vegas Pro. We’ve been using it since before it was owned by Sony. More recently, working with extremely high bitrate video, we’ve moved on to using Adobe Premiere CS4.


Sean Michael Duran

Sean's Dolly

Originally a computer science major, Sean quickly realized his passions lied elsewhere. Meeting up with his old friend Peter, they decided to work together and start a career in filmmaking. Today, Sean drives a black Scion xA, dragon red Vespa ET2, and spends whatever free time he has left playing TF2.


Peter Bryan Men

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